Who is VPBS?
VP Business Solutions consists of a team of expert with years of experience in the forex industry. We aim to deliver the latest and most valuable information to the market in order to help our clients to stay on the top of the market. We try our best to be keep delivering unbiased information to the industry, especially in Asia Pacific.

Our technical team and consultants come from all around the world, especially from Asia. Our goal is to bring global intelligence into the local market.
Metaquote Solutions
/ MT4 MT5 Solutions
Being a leading fintech group in the region, VPBS can support our client with all rounded MT4/ MT5 solutions.
Our enrich experience in Metaquote technology allows us to complete the whole MT4/MT5 platform setup in the shortest time frame, helping our customer to start their own business on time.
cTrader suite
/ cTrader official partner
Processing approximately 10-15% volume in the retail CFD trading industry, cTrader is ranked the 2nd most popular trading system in the world.

As a leader in the region, we are pound to team up with Spotware (the ownerof cTrader) to become their strategic partner in Asia. We aim to bring in the latest and best technology to the market, in order to bring the industry to the next level.


10+ years of experience
Our team equips with more than 10 years of experinece in the industry. Our solid experience allows us to create customized solution to match with the increasing market demand.
Global Team
Our team comes from all around the world, bringing you unique market insight from the global prospective.

Asia Expert

VPBS has a deep ground in the Asia Market, we are able to offer our business partners latest information and services in the region to develop the new market.
Complete Solutions
From basic MT4 white label setup to risk management outsourcing, we can offer our client end to end solution from start to finish, allowing our customers to focus on their own business.

Your Best Partner
Complete Brokerage Solutions