Business Process Outsourcing
Business Process Outsourcing

VPBS always keep an close eye to the market, and bring in the best and most suitable services to our customers.

To cope with the increasing demand, our business process outsourcing center has already been in service. We aim to provide the industry the most simple, cost effective solution to handle the brokerage operation, in order to allow them to spend the time and resources in sales and marketing activities.

Our Advantage

 Ready made solution, pay as you go

Our Business Process Outsourcing center is a ready made solution, it can be setup and go live with a short period of time.

 Transparent and flexible services

We can customize the outsourcing package according to your needs, and setup the right human resources to handle your daily operation, adding value to your business and maximize your operation efficiency.

 Security control

We adopt all the necessary measurement to make sure your confidential data is well protected. Security system is adopted and activities are monitored 24x7.

 Multi-lingual support

Our team is able to provide multi-lingual support to you, including Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Bahasa, Thai & English. Our center can provide coverage to the general APAC region.

 Multi-vertical support

Can can offer customer service to your customer via multi channels, including but not limited to WeChat, QQ, Whatsapp, Live Chat & E-mail. In additional to this, we can offer local phone number for telephone support as well.