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Complete Crypto Exchange Solution -- cXchange
Launch your own cryptocurrency exchange with an industry leading solution, provided by a company with almost a decade of experience in building ultra scalable systems for a variety of niches in the capital markets space. cXchange is fully customizable and white labeled, boasting a variety of settings to tailor your own digital asset exchange.

cXchange Benefit

We are the first in the market to deliver a premium quality product that satisfies an increasing demand for a reliable and stable cryptocurrency exchange platform. This solution will add value to new and existing businesses offering a digital asset exchange service.
Fast to deploy and easy to integrate, with cXchange you can launch your own cryptocurrency exchange to effortlessly enter the most innovative and lucrative industry that is set to irreversibly change our lives.
You will get a crypto exchange platform that already has everything you need. Packed with all the necessary functionality and dozens of added value features on top of that, this product is designed for any crypto exchange operator to run 24/7 without interruption.
cXchange is the most user-friendly platform you will find on the market. The intuitive controls and smart designs greatly improve usability and enhance user experience. Thus, your clients start trading sooner, you have a higher conversion and a better retention.
Thanks to the ultra scalable nature of the product, cXchange is able to adapt to increased workload and fulfill your growing operational demands with no loss on performance or efficiency. cXchange is ready to grow with your business.
cXchange is protected from all potential threats and attacks, and ensures that funds are kept safe. The solution employs the most advanced security controls, powerful encryption algorithms, robust technology and best practices.

Tailored to Your Needs

Blockchain Integration

Integrated with real blockchains for deposits and withdrawals, complete transparency is available to your clients by referencing official explorers in transaction confirmations.

Tokens + ICOs

List many different ERC-20 Tokens and completed ICO projects from an a la carte menu of the dozens available, at your discretion, all available at no extra cost.

Fiat Trading Pairs

Offer fiat trading pairs with cXchange, whether the pair is Crypto vs Fiat or Fiat vs Fiat. Deposits and withdrawals can be possible by integrating payment processors, e-wallets or accepting wire transfers.

Build Your Own Partnerships 

Hand-pick your own market makers and liquidity providers and set your own terms for getting the liquidity for your exchange.

Complete end user suite -- install, web and mobile app 

cXchange has already equipped everything your customer is demanding for -- native install trading terminal, web terminal and mobile application.

Add-on Features


您可以通過 cXchange 開放白標給您的合作伙伴, 使您的業務發展更多元化。


通過cXchange 的代理系統, 您可以很容易的定制不同的佣金方案。代理可以直接通過交易系統, 生成代理連接提供給客戶。

Dynamic Fee Discount

Build a discount structure on your exchange fees to entice your clients into trading higher volumes to receive larger discounts on your fees. Discounts are fully dynamic, based on the previous 30 days trading volume.

Live Chat

A native customer chat feature which enables your sales, back-office and support agents to communicate with your traders through all of the applications. Messages are delivered in real-time as push notifications, emails and in the app.

Bokka Exchange Partnership

To further promote the global crypto ecosystem, we have created an unique white label solution in the market -- Bokka Exchange white label partnership.

Through Bokka Exchange white label partnership, the White Label will be branded with your logo and the platforms be will be delivered
in minimal time for a fraction of the total cost of ownership.

Fast time to market with a whole product solution

All operational complexity afforded to Bokka, you just add clients and manage your community

KYC and ID verification of clients performed by Bokka

Deposit and withdrawal processing via BitGo

Round the clock support provided to you and your clients

 53 trading pairs and two stable coins offered as quote currencies

 Revenue sharing partnership model, you can launch your exchange at a low total cost of ownership


Becoming a Bokka Exchange Partner, you can immediately offer more than 53 crypto trading pairs to your customer, becoming one of the leading exchange in your market