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Our Mission



Since the first online forex brokerage firm found 2 decades ago, the retail forex industry has been booming ever since. The dynamic changes of regulations, the continuous emergence of new and innovative technologies, the rise of professional individual traders creates more opportunities as well as challenges in running a online forex brokerage. 

Our mission is to utilize our experience and network, in order to deliver the most up-to-date market intelligence,  the best solutions and advisory services to the forex industry. 

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Product & Services





More than 5 years of experience, VPBS is the No.1 cTrader distributor in Asia.  We have help dozens of brokers do forex broker setup with the cutting-edge technology brought by Spotware.

MT Consulting

Our team have long experiences working with Metaquote solution providers as well as managing Metaquote servers. We are always your best advisor to give you advice on the setup.


Deeply specialized in licensing for forex brokers, We have long experience and complete solutions for regulated, unregulated and semi-regulated brokerage, especially for emerging markets.


We specialize in merger and acquisitions in forex market, including onshore and offshore forex license,  2nd hand MT4 main label as well as MT5 old license main label.

Who We Are



We are a boutique management consultancy firm in the fintech industry. Our team comes from various job functions in the industry including Sales and marketing, technologies, liquidity providers, legal and licensing, etc.

Because we are the few people who are able to oversee the whole picture in the industry, we’ve been able to make the very best advice for re-inventing your business or to help your forex broker setup and unlock your full potential.

We are always excited to learn what’s the latest in the market and share the our views with stakeholders in the industry. We are always happy to open the dialogue and share vision and views with anyone.


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