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Our team members have long experience at retail side of the brokerage business. We understand the needs and requirement for brokers when they are trying to do business with customers. Different geographic locations, different client bases, different brokerage approach would greatly affect the best choice of license to be invested.

No matter if you are a startup, or an existing business who wish to move to the next stage, we are able to give you the best advice on licensing from operation and marketing prospective.

Unregulated brokerage model



  • Cost effective
  • Quick and easy to setup


No matter if you are trying to draft legal agreement for onboarding customer, or applying a MT4 white label, an entity is necessary. Below are our top choices of offshore location:

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Marshall Island

Cook Island

The locations above doesn’t require the a financial license to run brokerage business. As such, they are the most common offshore incorporation available in our industry.


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Trophy License



  • Acquiring top tier status within a month
  • Cost effective, much cheaper than holding the license yourself


Top tier brokerage companies often carry multiple forex licenses in various famous judications, giving them a massive effect in marketing and branding. However, we all understand obtaining such a license is not easy and it’s very costly to maintain.

We offers cost effective solution which helps brokerage to obtain legit regulatory status in the judication below, allowing your firm to gain respective status immediately.

We are able to help to obtain status with NFA, MSB, ASIC and FCA.


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Offshore License



  • Flexible regulation
  • Cost effective, compared to onshore licenses
  • A must for legit broker setup


There are many offshore judications who is offering financial licenses for carrying out brokerage business. Their application process and capital requirements are pretty similar. Yet, which one you should choose?

Our team members comes from brokerage background and we have first hand experience in dealing with the regulator, the bankers and other business counterparties. We have the full picture to give out our own opinions which license suit you the best. 

The up-to-date our choice of offshore licenses are :

LFSC Money Broking License, Labuan, Malaysia 

FSA Investment Dealer License, Mauritius


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Onshore License





  • This is the ultimate licenses you need to get!


If you are well prepared to expand, we are able to assist in license application in various judications around the world;

SFC Hong Kong

MAS Singapore

ASIC Australia

FCA United Kingdom

and more


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Client Testimonials


Eric Chan

“Thanks for the professional advice from VPBS to help us setup the SVG company for MT4 white label registration. They have good experience with Metaquote and help us to create the right Article of Association. the white label is applied successfully without any delay.

Daniel Sanchez

VPBS help us to setup an ASIC AR within 1 month of time, allowing us to startup the broker immediately with a great reputation in front of the customer.



VPBS gave us professional advice during the process of applying VFSC license. With their help we are able to get the license approved successfully.



Even through we are a beginner in the industry, they are very patient in explaining us the important step to apply and maintain the FCA AR license.  Thanks for VPBS’s help our business has been growing a lot with the new license in place.