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expert in mt4/ mt5 managed hosting

With years of experience, we specialized in designing unique setup based on Metaquote products, no matter if you are running a tradition brokerage or having any unique ideas, feel free to reach out to us for a discussion.

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Below are some examples what we can help with;


  • Best execution setup
  • Plug-in management
  • Turning MT product as backend execution engine
  • Best practice social trading/ PAMM configuration
  • and more…

What our Clients Say

We are building an crypto-CFD based brokerage and we don’t have ideas how to start. Thanks VPBS to setup everything for us, now we are able to run the brokerage by utilizing of MT5 powerful backend engine instead of building everything from sketch. 

– Jupiter

We wished to create an innovative investment fund with 10,000 followers out of MT4 engine and the VPBS help us to achieve it.

– Flores Tan

Feel free to contact us to share your ideas and we are confident to help you achieve your goal